Core Services

Phone Systems

Using you can replace your on-site PBX with a cloud hosted solution. provides a call dashboard/reception panel, in-browser calling and a simple dial-plan tool.

Text Messaging

A handy text-messaging manager, which can include volume sending


Naturally the system does voicemail, includes transcription and forwarding via email or text.


Drag & Drop creation of Call Trees or IVRs.

Call Tracking

Quickly create advertisement specific inbound phone numbers, route those to the office or voicemail. Real-time reports on calls through that number.

Call Blacklist/Block

VBX makes it simple to create a black-list of inbound phone numbers.

Usage Reporting

Reports with pretty graphs! Hooray!


Front Number

This is the most common application in use by our small business clients. You present this number on your cards and business materials. When calls come in during business hours they are routed to an availble agent (you) or to voicemail (which is transcribe and emailed). After hours, calls route directly to VM.

The Front Number application also provides for sending and receiving text (SMS/MMS) messages.

This number can also be used when dialing out, so your customers don't get your personal number.

Marketing Number

Our second most common use case is for a marketing number, for example a specific radio advertisement, or property for sale. These numbers usually route directly to voicemail or provide text-response features. Many times these numbers are used for a short period, then left idle (or even hard-closed)

Predictive Dialing

When CSRs or Sales-Reps need to call many folks, simply use a Predictive or Rapid Dialer

There are three dialing modes. Preview mode shows the name of the lead and lets your caller choose to dial or skip it. Power mode dials a new lead immediately after the previous one is finished. Predictive mode will dial more lines than you have callers, intelligently adapting to the answer rate and conversation length; occasionally, however, a call will be answered when no caller is available. Predictive should generally only be used when several callers are calling at the same time.

This Dialer also has a VM-Drop feature, that allows the Caller to drop a pre-defined voice-mail. When a machine answers, simply auto-route the call and the agent can move on to the next.