Now that you've got an account with Twilio, what next?

Of course, you'll have to make sure you have your account funded. Then make sure you have your Authorization Tokens and Keys handy.

Purchase Phone Numbers

To receive inbound calls, such as for target marketing lines, you must purchase a phone number. Alternatively you can port your phone number into Twilio.

Create TwiML Applications

Once you have a Twilio account you need to connect Twilio to an Application. This is what Twilio calls a TwiML application. These are necessary, they form the dialplan of your Twilio applications.

Below is an example of a static TwiML application, which forwards all inbound calls on the Twilio number.

<Say voice="woman">No one was available to take your call, please record a message after the tone</Say>
<Record maxLength="120" transcribe="true" transcribeCallback="" />
<Hangup />

Execute API Calls


Twilio Sub-Accounts

Sub Accounts allow for unique Account SID and Keys to be used. For example, each employee could be a sub-account